To build your wiki.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you should be able to use the basic functions of your wiki. You should be able to:
  1. Write and add pages
  2. Manage pages using the 'More tools' functions such as 'delete page' and 'move page'
  3. Back up your wiki
  4. If you are a little more skilled, you should also be able to:
  5. Embed content using widgets
  6. Manage users
  7. Add attachments and link to them in a wiki page
  8. Change your privacy settings


1. Basic functions are to
  • Add, write, and publish a page: adding text, links, images
  • Manage pages by moving them or deleting them
  • Back up your wiki under Settings > Backup, Settings > Export or similar
2. Advanced functions are to
  • Embed a YouTube video (or poll or slideshow, etc.) by using a widget
  • Manage users
  • Add attachments and link to them in a wiki page
  • Set privacy options
3. Reflection
4. Evauation
5. Useful links

1. Basic functions

Work in pairs. Go into the 'Easy' toolbar on your wiki's homepage and explore the basic functions of your wiki, as outlined above. For example,
  • Write some text on your page and save it.
  • Add another page, this time adding a link and an image.
  • Add several 'dummy' pages and move them.

2. Advanced functions

Explore the advanced functions of your wiki, as outlined above.

3. Review

What do you think or know now? What is still confusing? What do you need to follow up on?

4. Evaluation

Helpful or not? Let us know your thoughts.

5. Useful links

Web 2.0 survival guide/
Wiki basics
YouTube video on wikis